Gain Distance With Your Driver

Do you want to increase your distance off the tee with your driver? Do you want to be hitting an iron into every par 5 green next time you play?

I’ve got a collection of tips tricks, and tools that I will share with you to own your game off the tee.  I’ll share instructional videos, tips I’ve gathered from my years of honing in my golf game and even share some of my favorite tools for the practice range.

The Difference between Drivers and Irons 

The first thing to understand in your golf swing is that your iron impact and driver impact will not be the same, understanding this is a key to unlocking more distance

The fundamental difference between driver and iron play is the impact on the ball.  With an iron, the goal is the lean the shaft forward and hit down on the ball to create the loft and spin that the professionals are known for.

With a driver, the goal is to hit UP on the ball and drive the ball into the air (hence why we tee up a ball for a driver).  In the downswing, the clubhead should come close to the ground and be slightly ASCENDING when you impact the golf ball.

Reasons Why You Are Losing Distance

Now that we understand the difference between an iron swing and a driver swing, let’s go over the things that most commonly cost you distance off the tee.

#1 Not Enough Turn

One of the biggest keys for your golf swing is to perfect the hip and shoulder turn on the backswing.  Being able to pull your hip further back in your golf swing without swaying or losing balance is one of the easiest ways to add more power and distance to your swing.

#2 Casting the golf club

This happens when your hands dominate the downswing.  The first movement after the backswing should be rotation with the lower body with the hands and shoulders connected to that turn.  DO NOT try and use your arms to swing at the golf ball.  Releasing the golf club early results in less consistent impact and loss of power.

Another good tip for this is to strengthen your grip, meaning turn your glove hand slightly more over the club so more of your knuckles are visible to you.

My Favorite Videos/Golf Equipment

Below are some great instructional videos that I personally have found very helpful for explaining all of the things I have above.

Rory Mcllroy –

Danny Maude –

Golf Equipment

Golf Balls – Titleist, Callaway

Practice Net – SASRL

Range Finder – Anyork

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